It is in your best interest to obtain a referral from your general practitioner to see your dermatologist. This should be done prior to booking your appointment with us. A referral ensures that your doctor(s) will receive a report of your consultation with your dermatologist, helping to keep your health record complete and up to date.

However if you choose not to provide a referral this does not prevent you from making an appointment to consult your dermatologist (please note that your doctor will not be able to provide a rebate from Medicare without a valid referral).

How long does a referral last for?

A referral from a general practitioner generally lasts for 12 months from the date of the referral for the specified skin condition. However your doctor may specify a shorter period. An indefinite referral or referral for periods longer than 12 months are only accepted for the original condition specified and where the condition requires regular long term follow up care i.e. every 3 to 4 months. If the gap between visits to see your dermatologist is greater than 9 months then a new referral should be obtained. This also avoids Medicare not recognising the validity of your expired referral when your claim is made.

A referral from another specialist is only valid for 3 months (as legislated by Medicare).

A new referral is required if you seek treatment or advice for a different condition.The referral is your responsibility. It would be unethical and inappropriate to ask your dermatologist or staff members to contact your doctor for a referral.

Medicare claims

A valid referral also allows you to receive the maximum rebate applicable to your visit with your doctor. Please check the validity of your referral with Reception when booking your subsequent visits with your doctor.

Cosmetic treatments are not covered by Medicare so referrals are not required.

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