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PROFHILO – A Bioremodelling Therapy

The independent dermatologists consulting from Eastern Suburbs Dermatology are pleased to offer this injectable treatment which involves the use of a revolutionary hyaluronic acid (HA) product. Until recently this product was only available in Europe.

Profhilo would best be described as an injectable moisturiser, which restores skin firmness and reduces laxity. The most common areas of treatment are the face and neck although other areas including the chest, hands, arms, knees and abdomen can be treated. The HA is made with the patented NAHYCO ® technology. This technology makes possible the delivery of high doses of HA into the skin.

HA naturally occurs in our skin, it binds up to 1000 times its own weight in water so plays a vital role in the hydration of our skin. This treatment is termed a bioremodelling therapy as it creates an environment that stimulates dermal cells to produce more collagen and elastin, thus improving skin texture, firmness and laxity over time.

    How many treatments?

    In the initial phase, between 2-3 treatments are performed 1 month apart. 80% of patients are happy following 2 treatments and 20% ‘need’ or want a third treatment. Maintenance is usually 1 treatment every 3 to 6 months.

    How does it feel?

    The treatment on the face involves 5 injection points on each side of the face using very fine needles. This takes approximately 10 minutes, the procedure is relatively painless. After the treatment – small bumps like mosquito bites last between 2 and 24 hours at the injection sites. Post injection the bioremodelling gel spreads like liquid honey under the skin. There is no pain afterwards although minor bruising can occur at the injection sites.

    For more information please ask your dermatologist.

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